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Necessary documents for the shipment of a body to Romania with view to its burial


The provisions of the Convention of Berlin (1937) have to be obeyed in case that the relatives of a deceased person require the shipment of the body to ROMANIA. Please note that Romania is also part of this Convention.

Accompanying the coffin, the following are the special documents that the Canadian international transportation companies require:

1) Statement of Death – Form 15

2) Medical Certificate of Death – Form 16

3) Burial Permit – Form 19

4) Certificate of Shipment of Body Outside of Canada

5) Certificate of Embalmer and Funeral Director,

6) Health Department Letter

7) Information on flight to the destination country: company, date, stopover, flight number.

Based on both these documents provided by the Funeral Home and on a written request (in Romanian) coming from a close relative of the deceased person, the Consulate will issue a mortuary passport. Mention should be made of the fact that the written request coming from the close relative must contain information on his or her address and relationship with the deceased, as well as the deceased last residence address (taken from the ID document, if the case).

The applicant will attach both a photocopy of his / her ID document and the deceased Romanian passport.

The following are still necessary when, at the date of his / her death the deceased was no longer a Romanian citizen:

1) The bearer of the concession document must present an authenticated statement in which he / she will agree and approve that the corpse be buried in the place that they own in Romania.

2) A photocopy of the concession document issued by the Cemetery Administration.

The Consulate fee for the issue of the mortuary passport, please visit:

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