Visas and consular services

Consular Information

A. Citizenship


B. Civil status documents and police clearance certificate

 The Romanian citizens can request the Romanian authorities to send them the extrajudicial documents that they need in order for them to take the necessary administrative steps in Canada.

According to Law 677 / 2001 stating the individual’s protection regarding the processing of personal data and also the circulation of this particular data, the request can be done only by the bearer of this document or by someone who is entitled to receive the document.

Upon request by the Romanian citizens in Canada and upon receipt of the Consular fees, the Consulate proceeds by sending the solicitation for the extrajudicial documents to Romania: Civil Status documents (Certificates of Birth, Certificates of Marriage, Certificates of Death), Police Clearance Certificates.

Those individuals who do not have a Romanian citizenship will contact the competent authorities in Canada or the diplomatic missions of their country at Bucharest.


Certificate of Birth

  1. application , signed
  2. Romanian passport or the Romanian ID card
  3. a photocopy of a Romanian civil Status document, if any

Certificate of Marriage

  1. application, signed
  2. Romanian passport or the Romanian ID card
  3. a photocopy of a Romanian Civil Status document, if any

Certificate of Death

  1. application, signed
  2. Romanian passport or the Romanian ID card
  3. a photocopy of a Romanian civil Status document, if any

Time for processing: approximately 120 days from the date of registration. 


  1. application, signed
  2. Romanian passport or the Romanian ID card
  3. a photocopy of a Romanian Civil Status document, if any

Time for processing: approximately 120 days from the date of registration. The applicable consular fees must be paid prior to the application processing.


In case of emergency, the above mentioned documents can be obtained by having a power of attorney sent to a person in Romania.

In order to obtain other documents from different Romanian institutions, the person can do it either personally or by special power of attorney.

Those interested can address to the issuing institutions in Romania, as follows:

  1. an affidavit of completion of military service; this is issued by the military commissariat to which the solicitant belonged. Further information can be obtained from Ministry of National Defense, Public Relations Division at 13-15 Izvor Street, sector 5 – Bucharest; phone : OSP + Chief of Division: 021-402-3400, extension 1011/6021; fax: 021-410.68.76; e-mail:
  2. affidavits proving the employment history, employment record or an extract from the employment record; these can be obtained from the Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Family, the Office of insurance Documents at 17 C Intrarea Aurora sector 1, Bucharest – 010213, phone: 3146202.
  3. affidavits and education documents, transcripts and diplomas, graduation certificates; these documents can be obtained from the education institution that the solicitant attended or from the Ministry of Education and Research at 30 Berthelot Street, sector 1, Bucharest – 010168, tel. 011 40 21 310 4320; 011 40 21 314 2680.

C. Authentication procedure of canadian official documents to be presented to the romanian authorities

According to article 162 of Law 105 / 1992 with regards to the regulation of international private relations, please be advised of the following: all official documents edited or legalized by a foreign authority can be presented to the Romanian authorities on condition that they are authenticated following a hierarchic, administrative way; further, they must be overauthenticated by the Romanian diplomatic or official consular missions; this will guarantee the authenticity of signatures and seal.

This type of authentication is subject to the procedure established by the state of origin of that particular document; it is also followed by the overauthentication made by the Romanian diplomatic mission or by the Romanian consular services.

As a result of adhesion to the Convention of Hague (October 05, 1961) concerning the abolishing of overauthentication request of the official foreign documents, Romania absolves of overauthentication all documents emitted by the authorities of contracting countries.

Canada has not yet signed off the above mentioned convention. Therefore, the Canadian official documents due to be presented to the Romanian authorities must be overauthenticated.

The following are the steps to the overauthentication procedure:

  1. In order for the signature and seal of the emitting party to be authenticated, the Canadian official document has to be mailed to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada (Department of Foreign Affairs – Authentication of Documents JLAC, 125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G2, phone: 613-995-0119; fax: 613-944-7078).
  2. The official document will then have to be mailed or presented to the Consulate in view of authenticating the seal and signature of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


D. Necessary documents for getting married in Romania

According to Law 119 / 1996 regarding the civil status documents, a marriage statement is being personally done by the 2 future spouses in Romania. It is also being done in writing at either the City Hall or at the domicile of one of them.

The marriage statement must be accompanied by the following documents:

1) Valid passport or residency permit

2) Certificate of Birth – original and copy of the original – (certified translation for the foreign citizens)

3) Prenuptial Medical Certificate, valid for 14 days from the date of issue. The medical examination is to be performed in Romania.

4) Documents – originals and copies of the originals showing that a previous marriage – if the case - had been dissolved. A widow or widower must submit the death certificate of his/her deceased spouse. The copies of the above mentioned originals must be translated and certified by a notary public.

5) Non-impediment to marriage certificate (certificat de cutuma) to be issued by the Embassy. The applicant has to appear, with his/her national passport, before a Consular Officer of his/her Embassy in Romania and sign a Statutory Declaration that he/she is free to marry, has the legal age and is not related to his/her future spouse.

6) Statement of single status authenticated by a notary public. This statement must show that the future husband, foreign citizen, fulfills all the conditions required by his national law with view to getting married in Romania.

7) Official report completed with the help of an authorized interpreter when a marriage between non speaking Romanian or deaf persons occurs.

It is mandatory that the foreign documents (except the passport or residency permit) have the1961 Hague Convention Apostils. Or, they can also be over certified in order to be recognized in Romania.

Marriage can be fulfilled at the expiry of the 10th day; both the day of marriage statement and the day of marriage celebration must be covered.

After the 10th day, the marriage can take place only before the medical certificates expire

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